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Solar energy is one of the most commonly spoken topics today around the world. Due to the consumption of high electricity, we have to manufacture electricity we have to dedicate some rare resources.The Usage of petroleum is one of the main problems that we face in our modern society. But that’s not an issue anymore. After the invention of Solar energy by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839, we’re in the process of saying goodbye to petroleum-based electricity.

In other hand best wiring and electronic solution is also compulsary for better electricity usage. Good quality wiring saves your earnigs from high electricity bills. We also provide Wiring solutions for every kind of industries and households. With green based renewable solar energy, we provide everything you need.

As far as our name is concern Engineering is our main work. We provide wiring solution for industrial usage, tower based electricty lines, etc. So construction work is also a part of our job. that’s why we provide construction service.

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August 04, 2020

5 Reasons Why Rooftop Solar Needs to Make The Technology Jump

India’s ambitious solar targets of 100 GW by 2022, and 450 GW by 2030, are largely built around massive ramp ups in large scale deployments, or ‘utility scale’ solar. These comprise designated solar parks, even ultra large parks, and other hundred MW plus installations that will feed into the grid directly. But the country has a clear problem. The whole focus on going large was driven by expected economies of scale, and consequently, lower costs per unit of power. Quite simply, that might have built us one of the world’s largest and possibly most outdated solar capacity network so far. Based on polycrystalline solar for instance, even as the rest of the word moves on to Mono Perc and beyond. ...


december 16, 2016

The real cost of solar power

This article is prompted by a report (in the Times of India of 1st December) that for some roof-top solar projects, a tariff of Rs 3 per unit has been quoted, which is same as the average cost of power from the coal-fired plants of NTPC. The report also gives the impression that solar power is going to be cheaper than power generated by thermal power plants. While it is true that the cost of solar power has been coming down, it is necessary to understand certain aspects of solar power, particularly regarding its impact on the overall cost of power supply, so as to be able to take informed decisions without being carried away by some simplistic facts. ...


October 24, 2018

The Future Of Solar Technology: Unique And Customizable Solutions

In today’s environmentally conscious world, finding smart solutions to save the planet’s resources is high on the agenda. Damage to our environment is pressing issue, and more and more people are making changes to reduce their carbon footprint. In light of the growing seriousness of climate change, and motivated by the uncertainty of the future, positive steps are being taken around the world. For example, the ban on avoidable plastic waste (thus the ban on plastic straws and other single-use plastics) is imminent in many countries, with the ban in the UK set to be introduced as early as next year. ...

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