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Misthi Engineering Works is one of its kind company which provides every solution of power or electricty related problems. We provide solar solution for every kind of power use, as home solar solution, industrial solar solution, institution solution etc. We also provide service of these solutions. On the other hand we are providing wiring for mega constructions like industrial and Govt. construction.
We are one of our kind because of these reasons.

  • Every kind of solar solution
  • Wiring and electrical service
  • Affordable and Fast service by expert team

Solar energy is one of the most commonly spoken topics today around the world. Due to the consumption of high electricity, we have to manufacture electricity we have to dedicate some rare resources.The Usage of petroleum is one of the main problems that we face in our modern society. But that’s not an issue anymore. After the invention of Solar energy by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839, we’re in the process of saying goodbye to petroleum-based electricity.

In other hand best wiring and electronic solution is also compulsary for better electricity usage. Good quality wiring saves your earnigs from high electricity bills. We also provide Wiring solutions for every kind of industries and households. With green based renewable solar energy, we provide everything you need.

As far as our name is concern Engineering is our main work. We provide wiring solution for industrial usage, tower based electricty lines, etc. So construction work is also a part of our job. that’s why we provide construction service.

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We work with pure excellence and hardwork. We have a expert team to achive our goal.

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