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What are some best solar power solutions in India for home 3BHK with 320units consumption monthly?

Every household spends thousands of rupees each year on electricity. Solar energy provides a sustainable and readily available source of power, but not everyone can afford the heavy upfront installation costs. So, many people do not go for solar Rooftop Solutions. However, the installation costs should be considered as investments as the solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years during which they usually do not bring any maintenance costs. Here are seven advanced solar-powered pieces of equipment which every household can benefit from.
1.Solar cell phone charger
2. Solar window charger
3. Peel-n-stick outdoor solar lights
4. Solar lantern
5. Solar powered reading lamp
6.Solar wireless keyboard


What is something that almost nobody knows about solar power?

Here is one thing. Fossil fuels and nuclear fuels are used in power plants. These are heat engines. That’s right. Even though using nuclear fuel, be it uranium or hydrogen, these heat engines add lots of heat to their local environments. Those big towers are cooling towers that take heat out of the superheated water and release it into the atmosphere, usually into a nearby stream or lake. This added local heat can be very detrimental to the local ecology.

Only solar power has the nice feature that it adds no more heat to the environment than the sun would have shined onto the earth anyway.

A great source of information on this subject is the delightful little Dover book by H. C. Van Ness titled Understanding Thermodynamics.


The real cost of solar power

This article is prompted by a report (in the Times of India of 1st December) that for some roof-top solar projects, a tariff of Rs 3 per unit has been quoted, which is same as the average cost of power from the coal-fired plants of NTPC. The report also gives the impression that solar power is going to be cheaper than power generated by thermal power plants. While it is true that the cost of solar power has been coming down, it is necessary to understand certain aspects of solar power, particularly regarding its impact on the overall cost of power supply, so as to be able to take informed decisions without being carried away by some simplistic facts. ...


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